Staying alive


Hey guys! I’m back in Kota Kinabalu for 3 days now. Ah. I miss KK, seeing familiar road and faces. Friends and family. I even miss the air here, so breezy and cooling as compared to Penang.

I’ve been (as usual) running around the town since I came back. I can never stay at home for the whole day. Ah. I’ll always be at the tennis court/wall of likas sports complex every evening, then off to the fitness centre for pilates/freestyle steps/zumba/latin dance, then dinner with my friend and by the time I’m driving back home would be around 10/11pm. Ha,ha.

Last night, I felt like having something at upperstar, damai. So my friend and I drove all the way from kolombong to damai for dinner and guess what I saw parked in front of the outlet? Enough to make me feel like I want to go back to Penang straight away. Ah. Dang. Silly me. I can’t content the overwhelmed feeling  surrounded me last night, I only listened half of what my friend talked about. dang you. Please don’t mess with my heart.

Anyway, I’ve booked a court for tonight’s tennis game. I’ve invited all my ex-colleagues and we’ll be playing tennis. I brought back two of my racquet so that we all can share and play 🙂 Gosh I miss them all terribly.

Apart from that, I really got to increase my fitness; hence, tennis, cardio/stretching everyday. My centralized training back in university will start on the 8th of june. Ah. Wish me luck!

Ok, I’m heading to 1Borneo now. Got to buy some cute tennis attire 🙂 yes, I’m getting serious about it.

So, toodles!

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