Rolling in the deep

This is such as heart-shattering. I went to the studio with my studiomate to clean up our stuff to bring back home. We were reminiscing the days in the studio where everyone struggled with the studio-work and other mambo-jumbo stuff we did in the studio. Ah. Now that everything over, we’re packing our two years of life into the boxes. Sob sob.

I know, I’m being melodramatic now. I mean, I should be used to it; to pack, move to new places, met people, fall in love with places, then moving back, and packing my life into boxes again. Ah. Not that I’m leaving Penang for good. I’m coming back again here but still, it wouldn’t be the same. I still have my tennis-clan around here but the studiomates would be going back to their respective hometown. So, in the end, I only have myself to comfort to, and to take care of. Ah.

Ah. Please don’t make me leave Penang. I have yet to explore the whole of it. and I guess my heart is in Penang too.

Life’s a bitch.

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