Thesis defense


Hello all. Sorry for the absence. I’ve been busy preparing myself for the thesis defense and, thank god i finally made it. I am now correcting some minor addition to the thesis, and I’m dang lazy right now. Been fooling around, shopping frenzy, movie marathon, tennis outing and etc rather than just finishing off the correction. Blergh. Old habit die hard.

I was the first presenter. Yep, first presenter, you get lotsa questions asked

With my fellow studiomates ❤

We do love being vain, all the time


Well, awesome thesis defense. Honestly, I don’t know whether I have answered their questions correctly, but I answer it with confidence without knowing whether it is correct or not. Ha,ha.

Anyway, I’ve been spending half of the day at the penang closed tournament. tennis. Will be going to the tournament again tomorrow to cheer 🙂

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