Countryside & a spring

I am back in Kota kinabalu for chinese new year. Yes, not a new news but I am justifying it now. I thought I can do some work here, well dream on! Not even a single page open up for my thesis, let alone reading a journal. Please la iDa, please do not be in the state of denial. Great thing about this trip, is that I am keeping with my fitness; I go to the pilates, belly dance, latin workout as well as occasional jogging at Likas jogging park. Yep, that was me jogging and fast walking around the park. Apart from that, I got a serious catching up with friends, enjoying KK food and home-cook food too, as well as my first long distance driving up to Ranau. It was quite an experience! I am glad I am brave enough to take the challenge. Imagine driving down to KK at night, with no street light on, the road lines is not that perfect, meandering road all the way, potholes and landslides everywhere. On top of that, the thick fog with 1-2m visibility. Oh gosh, such an experience for a young driver like me. Luckily I managed to get us back to KK, in one piece. Phew.

I was following my best friend to her homestay place in Ranau. I am hired as a photographer for them to advertise the place, and also I will design their landscape for the homestay. Wee. This is my first ever landscape design project. Though it is just a simple homestay design, but it is a challenge for me to come up with the design and proposal. I went for the site visit and all, understanding the client needs and their situation on how to attract people and to make the place visible. Ah. Such a challenging job but I am wiling to take the challenge. I may not be the great designer, I may be still suck at it but I am going to treat it as a real project (it is a real project), I am getting paid for my design proposal. Ha,ha.

The place is located at Kg Rapok, along the Ranau-Sandakan highway, on the way to the Ranau Hotspring too. So, if anyone wants to stay in Ranau comfy with the countryside ambience, please drop by their place. Cozy place to stay in Ranau. Please drop me a line if you wanna know more about it, I can give the contact to the owner of the place. As of now, I can post any photos of the place, as the photos is property of the owner and it’s the client-consultant ethics forbid me to post it here.

I’ll post more about it when they are going official. In the mean time, stay tune 🙂

I leave ya all with the magestic Mt Kinabalu photo.

NOT the best shot, but this is the best I can get.

If I drive earlier than I was, then maybe I can get the clearer shot of Mt Kinabalu.

Please google for better shots of Mt. Kinabalu.

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