Dental hygiene

I feel weird when I get my teeth cleaned. My tongue feels like something is missing in my cavity. haha. Yes, I’ve been a naughty girl when it comes to dental hygiene. However, I’ve been religiously brushing my teeth at least twice a day but when it comes to cleaning/scaling and other dental purposes that requires me to go to the dentist, haha I’ve been avoiding going to the dental clinic since I was 12. The only dental intervention was few months ago, where I was in dire pain due to my wisdom tooth coming out, I dragged myself to see dentist to have a look at it.

Today, out of nowhere, I agree upon following my studio mates to make a dental appointment to clean the teeth. I was in my cheerful self, talking to the nurse outside, saying i want to make an appointment, and she drag me straight to the room to clean my teeth. I was like, almost fainted. Ha,ha,ha!

Too much tartar on teeth and gum, they managed to get rid of it and asked me to make another appointment this friday for tooth filling. Ah. I’m not used to not having the tartar on my teeth. hahahahaha.

Ew. yes.  I was hoping they provide the bleaching services, but unfortunately, the university’s dental clinic doesn’t provide that. Or else, I could save up to thousands on that! ha,ha. But she said my teeth is white enough. I just need to do scaling twice a year and a filling. I have been warned. hahaha.

I can’t help but laughing & giggling throughout the entire procedure. I never feel dental can be so fun. Oh, I was overwhelmed by the fierce school dentist that I swear I will hate the profession forever.

Now that the perception has changed. I was hoping to meet a good looking dentist. *evil grin*

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