Quarter life crisis

It’s been a while since i pour my heart out here. Guess everyone must be thinking I am emotionally stable by now. Nope. I just divert my thoughts and feeling and concentrate more into work-studio work. But deep down, I am still…aching, but slowly healing.

Too much drama and complication going on in my life. I ain’t going to write everything down here, wait for my autobiography book then :p

So as I thought, the older you are, the clearer your perception towards life would be. Little did i know that simple things could be very complicated when you are older. I mean, come on, you are more wiser, analyzing things from so many angle- and yet, you will never get the direct answer. What a bummer.

As for me, I am still figuring out things, I try to take one step at a time… enjoying the moment and taking a step back so you can see the whole picture. Guess what is the outcome from this exercise?

I am still damn clueless.

I think i’m having a quarter life crisis.

I need zanax. pronto.

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