Thesis research


Hello. Tomorrow is the first day of third semester! Back to school for me peeps! Yes. I am back in Penang and tomorrow would be another chapter of my life. Nothing much to anticipate this time around; my final semester for studio works, beginning of my research thesis (scratch head), and fewer subjects (and, again I’m taking extra undergraduate subject, this time I’ll be playing with plasticine, no more theodolite haha).

Apart from that, what worries me is the research question for my thesis. I have come up with few interesting topic that relates landscape architecture with environment (yes, I’m still want to stay in environmental field, that’s what I am, teehee). There are a few concerning to impact assessment, visual impact that relatively related to EIA assessment, green index building that concentrate on measurement tools that taking into consideration of open spaces, landscape design, water/irrigation conservation in landscape etc. Or shall I go into deeper of my undergraduate literature review-thesis of xeriscape? I need to further myself away from people perception, questionaire, surveys as it is quite hard to control and to analyse the outcome even with better T-test, ANOVA, chi-test, whatever statistical hypothesis tools you are using. Maybe I should go further into heat island effect? or evapotranspiration of certain trees? or perhaps GIS-based visual landscape analysis? Oh gosh, too much that interest me but nothing that has a direct link to detail methodology and tools that I’m going to use.

I’m more interested in furthering my interest in impact assessment, visual, heat island effect, GIS-based, coastal development, landscape planning that taking into consideration of environmental constrain/impact etc.

Ah. Please help me draft my thesis proposal. I am searching thoroughly on how to expand my topic so that I can convert/further my research into PhD thesis level.

Oh please advice my dear reader!

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