Beautiful sunrise!

Good morning! woooh! This is the unusual of me in Penang to wake up when the sun rise (Usually I’ll sleep when then sun rise & wake up when the sun set, haha).  Beautiful thursday morning 🙂

I’m only able to enjoy part of the beautiful morning view from my room. I have a lousy view from the room, but still grateful for what I have. *wishful thinking*. *I may have a beautiful/scenic room view soon, amen*

I know I have been sick for almost 4 days & it really disturbed me really bad. I may be lose time in term of catching up with my assignment/studio but I’m grateful for it partially, I lose 1-2 kg over it. *amen* 🙂

Well as for the assignment, I guess even if I’m healthy, I will be procrastinating right? hahhaha.

I had a convo with my close friend last night. It was worthwhile. I haven’t talk to her in so, so many years, and it’s great to be catching up with her 🙂

OK, honestly, the reason why Im up early is that I can’t sleep & can’t stop thinking about my studio work AND that I’m hungry!

Gotta go shower up!

Have a nice day ya’all! 🙂



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