Gong xi, gong xi!

GOng XI Fa Chai everyone!! It’s lunar new year & it’s freaking hot especially in islander Penang.

It’s been like a month or so since my last post here, I’m sorry that I’m terribly busy with my university & personal life. Well, nothing much really happened since then. I managed to finished up my first low-density studio project (and yes, more desperado night to finish all). In between studio work & classes, I’ve taken up new sport: futsal. Ha,ha. Starting up with the archiweek 2010 held by the 3rd year architecture students, we, the landscapers managed to send a competitive futsal team. Though we managed to get just at the forth place (not bad for a first timer yo), I think we beat the rest of the team by becoming the most fun team, after all.

And.. we enter the USM league for futsal. WTF. Yep, we got beated up- very bad by the varsity teams, other experienced team and so on. Overall, our performance getting better, defense getting stronger & I managed to catch most of the ball (oh I play a goal keeper btw, haha). So if you see bruises on my knee & elbow, that probably because of the game.

I am currently on my mid-semester + chinese new year break and guess what I did for the past 4 days? Bedridden. Yep. You heard me. I get a sudden high fever and multiple other complication and required me to drag myself out & send myself to the emergency room, pantai medical centre to get diagnosed and etc. I was at the point where I want to get myself admitted & to get the continuous IV drip but I managed to pull through. Alone. Yep. I got no one to send me to the hospital. I have to walk to the varsity gate to get the taxi, alone. I did my laundry when I’m very nausea & light-headed, I get my fresh filtered drinking water from the next door hostel & carrying it back to my room, alone. and I’m excruciating the pain. Alone.

Yep. That’s life.

That’s how I spent my chinese new year/valentine, excruciating pain in solitary. Yep.

Anyway, it’s 4 am and I can’t sleep. In fact, I just had instant mee. I haven’t eat anything except for a slice of wholemeal bread, banana & few spoonful of mcd porridge. I am darn starving.

How’s your new year celeb? Better than mine I guess?

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