Suria in KK

This would be my review on the newly open mall in Kota Kinabalu, the Suria Sabah. Well, it wouldn’t be fair for me to rate it now based on my first few experience within the premises because they are not really opening up fully, but below are some of my comments (Yes, I am allowed to give personal review in my blog) :

1. The interior looks so white. I’m almost blinded by it.

2. I hate the slippery tiles floor. Oh come on, please do not make the 1Borneo mistake. Did ya know I almost tripped? It’s occupational hazard people!!

3. Parking-wise, oh please add more, better signboard direction. and I just hate the turn at the corner of the building. Oh, and a pillar in the middle of that turn? come on.

4. I love the sensor toilet but please keep up with the good housekeeping 🙂 No comment on that, yet.

I would love to have those starbucks coffee within the Times Bookstore, with a seafrontal view just like the Borders in Queensbay. Oh well. (dream on)

While the rest of the building still in on-going construction & finishing, I can’t wait for their eateries with sea-view balconies. THAT really gonna SELL. 😛 I’ve seen their DP etc, and when it’s fully completed, and operated, it’s going to be one of the nicest place to be – the esplanade. (read: million dollars sea view people!)

Let’s wait till middle of 2010, when they are fully open- then I’ll review again.

And, where is the esplanade/marina?

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