Wordless wednesday

Hey ya all! I just (burp) came back (burp) from breaking fast with the rest of the forth year architecture clan at the (fill in the blank), next to the Gold Coast Condo @ Queensbay. The ikan bakar & the fried calamari taste good. Sorry peeps, I can’t blog much about it (and no pictures, I didn’t bring my baby) since i join them in the last minute. Anyway, I feel like nothing great about owning a single lens reflex cam since every donkey is using it now. heh. But I still looooove my baby. He’s my first love and I got it with my first (first few months) paycheck too. 🙂

New neighbour checking in today. and she’s in my class too. teehee.

Anyway, I am waaaaay behind my schedule now. Got to finish coloring my 2-perspective drawing then I’ll continue contructing the one-perspective drawing. The drawings due this friday (faint).

And yes, it was good waking up to a smile, I spent most of my day smiling too 🙂

Hope you have a nice wednesday too dear reader. 

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