Good morning ya’all! Wow I’m blogging in the morning again. ah~ I love the feel of waking up early & knowing I had enough sleep last night. I train myself last night to sleep at 2 am and I woke up slightly after 8 just now. (ekekeke sorry peeps, student life- no 8 to 5, it’s 10 to 2 now (2 as in 2 am, mind you!). I feel better today. I feel energetic & hopeful that the day will go better. Theory & philosophy of LD will start 1 hour from now, and a 3pm Ecology class later. In between the lectures, I’ll start on the scale one-point perspective today. weee! 🙂

Hey it’s 090909 today! Nice date for that marriage, engagement, etc. boohoo.

Nice day to have a nice, fresh start. 🙂

OK, shower time. 

Have a nice day ya all! *Hugs*

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