iDa’s footgear

As you know, am not really like a normal girl where i have like, 1000 shoes in my possession. Well, actually i have but not on the sense where i can wear 365 shoes in a year. I only have 1 ugg boots, 1 knee length leather boots, 1 flat shoes (at one time), 1 heels for party/dinner, and 1 heels for work.

But, when it comes to sport shoes, i have one each for everything. Let’s see my top list shoes:

1. Newton Women’s Distance U

Once you go newton, you’ll never turn back to any other running shoes. The 4-lugs is amazingly change my stride from mid-foot/back to the forefoot. I bought this for my first half marathon last year. It’s a worth buy, am still wearing it religiously.

photo 1 sundown newton

I love the striking colour of pink and the smart yellow lining. Newton also with me on my first international marathon at Sundown Singapore last May 2014.

2. Fivefingers Women’s KSO Treksport in pink

I bought this way in 2010 in Penang. This is the first minimalist shoes I bought meant for the off-road. I bought this for my first Penang Hiking Challenge event, and has been my eternal love with this shoes. This shoes meant for hiking, climbing as well as travelling. I’ve explored Munich, Germany, Thailand, Singapore, Melbourne & Tasmania, Australia with FF. Of course, you’ll get the weird looker from people who never seen this type of toe-shoe as it look, unconventional and some say ugly. but to each his own. FF serve me well in all areas. Even at the muddy trail route at Putrajaya, and Mardi, Serdang.

fivefingers 2 fivefingers 1496858_10151904051441965_1086085028_n 389252_10150806206581965_1869439113_n

Fivefingers at Putrajaya Deuter Trail, Xterra Championship Putrajaya, exploring Tasmania, Australia & Nymphenburg Palace, Munich in Germany.

3. Brooks Cascadia 9

This is the newest addition to my collection. Yes, FF has been a good friend in off-road running but after a while, i’ll be getting blisters. In preparation of the upcoming Hasuu Tasu trail run, it’s almost 28km trail running at Sabah, I told myself, to get a proper trail running shoes, or else, i’ll be going home toe-less. LOL. it’s the latest Brooks model and am getting 30% !! Oh. Awesome.


Look at the colour. Grrrr. Yeah, semua pun pink/purple kan?

4. Merrell Women’s Barefoot run bare access Arc 3 in sleet/scuba blue

This is another minimalist shoes but not a toe-shoes. I bought it in Phuket, Thailand for my gym-purposes. Wasn’t that great running on-road as it is almost zero-cushioning, and literally flat. So, am just using it for gym, and occasionally, to the site.


Merrell’s and me at the FF Avenue K, along with my favourite camel bak bottle

5. The ol’ Nike – I don’t know the model name LOL.

This would be my normal running shoes, before I get serious with running/marathon/whatnot.

I love the colour, it’s comfy enough to run with, and able to protect my feet from everything.


Love the colour, and look at my cute socks. grin.

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