Seoul Garden, Gurney

Yep. Break fast with the rest of M.LA clan & other archi, PM, etc people at Gurney Plaza. I ate the hell outta my normal portion. It’s a steamboat, all-you-can-eat buffet & we managed to get a student price. nyeh nyeh.

Seriously I am still full from the feast & I totally love, cooking for the table. 🙂

I am still super busy with studio work & other long-winded assignment. I was pulling an all nighter again last night & writing/proof-reading 30 pages of  GIS proposal. Now that my biological clock has screwed up, I am most active from 12 am onwards. It is 3.40 am and I’m rendering my landscape floor plan. 

Best of luck for my former colleague on the new adventure in life. May you fly higher than you are now 🙂 I know you can, *hugs*

As for others, I am still terribly missing you all. I slowly catching up back with postgraduate life. 🙂

Guess how I spent my Merdeka/long weekend holiday? land surveying around the studio building. 



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