Circadian Cycle

Hey ya all! How are you all keeping? I’m doing alright. Though my uttermost concern is my health, I am developing syndrome of irregular circadian rhythm in which I would be most active/productive (and the highest concentration level) from 12 am till the sun rise. I feel like a real vampire; I can’t tolerate sun shine. ha,ha! OK, too much true blood in my head.

I tried to sleep early just now at roughly 2 am but i keep on tossing & turning till 4 am and I give up on trying to sleep. I just munch something and here I am, blogging at 4.30 am on sunday morning. It is hard to revert back to the normal sleeping cycle time. To make things worse, I had coffee at 12 am. Hence, the high concentration of caffeine in my body. dang, I should have not drank coffee at 12 just now since I won’t be doing much studying/work tonight.

Nothing much happening in Penang lately, I am keeping the life slow & steady here (except for rushing studio work for monday & friday), other than that, I am trying to catch up with delayed assignment work & studying (cross fingers).

Deepest condolence to the great one for the passing. May his soul rest in peace in South China sea. Amen.

I can’t wait to go back to KK for raya, this fortnight! 🙂 weee, though the tickets cost a bomb but I don’t care. I can’t wait to see familiar faces again 🙂 The great one is in KK but I am not there, dang. It’s not fair! I should be enjoying KK not some people from the concrete jungle. Or the mouse island. 😛

I can’t wait to visit the floating bookstore, docking in Kota Kinabalu for the millionth time (and I have yet to set my foot in, ever). Will call bestie or whoever I can drag to the ship. I need to survey on books. And to snap-snap more pic of the ship.

P/s: hey dear, hope you are having fun on-board, volunteering. I still listing down the list of books, and will get back to you the soonest possible yeah? *hugs*

When I was tossing & turning on the bed just now (ha,ha), I can’t help but thinking where am I going to do my internship this time. Yes, this master degree require an internship during the semester break. My first choice of location would definitely, (no brainer required) KL but I was thinking of doing it somewhere else? outside Malaysia perhaps? Any suggestion?

Other than that, I need more fund for my stationaries & drafting tools. I accept major credit card & online banking. tee.hee. 😛

I can’t stop singing this catchy song. Thanks to del & lulu, now I am addicted to it.Enjoy!

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