Kicking off

Yesterday gym session was awesome! CF organized introductory class of muay thai kickboxing and brazilian jiu-jitsu. I attended the kick-boxing class & my first time trying out a martial art and/or exercise.  Boy, i sweat a lot, kicking & boxing is FUN. I can actually release some of the anger during the session and it feels good afterwards. 🙂 

Hopefully D’s feeling better today & I can release stress by booty shaking. mwhahaha.

Oh. I. am. trying. hard. not. to. be. like. a. girl. now. (If you know what I mean). NO where have you been, NO we need to talk, NO why no ring ring ding ding. I can handle it. YES, I can. Gambate!

I need some distraction to this ‘distraction’. Argh. God please help me. 

I’ve been slacking in blog-update. My bad. I’m quite occupied with my distraction & problem. I am sorting out things now. I am going to release ‘red matter’ next week or week after (Refer red matter to the Star Trek movie 2009). I need to decide on which road to take.

Yep, I have thought about it, sorting out pro & cons, did preliminary survey & informal interviews to various parties: friends & acquintances on their views. Thank you so much for advising me. I really appreciate it.  I will decide within this few days and/or next month.

For those who have been bringing quite significant impact to my life for the past few months, Thank you so much.  You made me realize on what I want in life.  Where I should go from now on.  Though we might step on the wrong foot, I have no regret. In fact, I do appreciate it for that part and pieces that you left for me.  It’s a warm experience. 🙂 Thank you. I wish you could read this one, but I’m sure unlikely … nope.

For others, this is not a saying goodbye whatsoever.  This is just a token of appreciation on something i am so grateful with.  Most of the people would think it is such a waste of time. Not me, I learn something from it & I can know how to handle the situation the next time.  It is a life experience. You got to learn from the wrong step and move forward.  Cest la vie.

I might feel a little disappointed but that is how life it is.  Either you weep about it & stay where it is or weep & move forward. Your choice. I choose to move forward.  If things goes smoothly after this, I am grateful. If it is not, then resolve everything and leave with grace. No need to pressure and pushing the other party to the edge & do bad things. Bad impression is all you will get. 

I will send out my application of assistant consultant soon (cross fingers) & now I’m quite busy with the inception and starting off the study.  I hope I can sort this one out and it will kick off finely. We are famous for achieving something out of nothing (quote from our lovely environmental engineer), i.e. the big bang theory. Ha,ha. It is a sarcastic saying of us the green & fresh padawan running & jumping around in the tree-hugging world. My bad.  :p

I should be scribbling something on the outline of the report but I am procrastinating & harvesting my farm. Thanks to facebook games for lowering my productivity at work. eh, actually it is like a power-booster for me. Slacking & a last minute work/pressure brings good result in term of technical analysis & report production. I am serious! One criteria to survive here is to work under pressure with limited time & able to react/produce results in jiffy & survive in unplanned situation. ah. Such a havoc lifestyle that you will get white hair by the time you are 30. Yes, I am not lying. 

So, welcome to my world.  

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