I hate thursday!


1. I woke up late this morning; I’m jumpy, off-beat;

2. Have to drive all the way from Kolombong to Innoprise to Gaya St to settle my consultant application; in which i almost got into accident with some dang trailer;

3. Bloody jam all the way along Lintas-Kolombong road when I’m on the way to the gym in which (refer photos below) causes by some unfortunate event;

4.I over-do my hamstring during body-jam. Aching non-stop now;

5. I can’t login to facebook right now due to some javascript faults.




P/s: sepa ba contractor dia ni. Bikin malu seja oh. ha ha ha ha!

OK, getting ready for terminator date now! astalavista bebeh! 

woooooohhhh christian bale, i heart you!

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