Labuan work-trip

(19 January 2009)

Hey ya all! I’m back in labuan for my neverending project here. Phew started the journey from the office around 6.10ish am & arrived at Menumbok around 8.30ish. Had breakfast and waited for the ferry to board to Labuan. Upon driving in the white hilux to the ferry, we saw cartons (plural yo! Perhaps one lossy capacity) of smuggled contraband goods  from the boats to the jetty area.


(note: picture taken using s500i on the 19th January 9.51 am)

Word of advice: if wanna smuggle contraband goods to the mainland, u got to use more than 400 HP engines for each boat. Or better, go rent a newly purchase scorpene submarine (or here!) that going to be based in Sepanggar Bay.  Bluek!

(21st January 2009)

I’m stressed at work. I’ve sooooooo many projects to juggle, 1 report to finalize & another freakin’ report to redo – from the scratch. I mean, restructure everything, doing everything from the start (except that all the information gathered already). But then I have to establish standard operating procedure, emergency response plan yada,yada. I feel like I’m working for my client than working for my boss. Urgh!

On the lighter note,

Percentage of inflation will rise to 4% each year. 2009 going to be a tough year for the biz market. Development will slow down, projects to be slow down & some will be freeze (due to inability of getting loan etc). It is called recession. Yep. and usually it will last at least 2 years or so ( some maybe a year but that’s not the point).

To able to catch up with the inflation rate & all that shit, at least yearly increment should be around 4% and more. Economy this year won’t be at its best; that need to take into account.

I’m getting 5%.

Do I need to say more? 

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