Ah. I’m bored because I’m super busy in the office. 

My foundation: I don’t like foundation. That is why most of the time you’ll see my imperfect skin face structure. But I dap with Bobby Brown soft sand loose powder 🙂

My blush: Honestly, I don’t have any blush in my collection. I’ll just pinch my cheek & it’ll turn pink. bluek. Shall invest in blush this time.

My lipstick: erk. I’m more into Bobby Brown lip gloss in nectarine

My essential beauty product: Clinique moisturizer ,Mac kohl-pencil, the Body Shop Amlika leave-in conditioner & Brazil nut moisture (No need that kerastase treatment anymore!). I love cassis rose bath & shower too but too bad I’m only using it when I’m outstation or on vacation (my bath travel-kit).

My favourite make up product: I can’t live without my MAC eyeliner & mascara.

My perfume: I love Blush intense by MJ, Burberry Brit sheer, Salvatore Ferragamo’s Incanto Charms. yummy.

My nails: I keep my nail short & protected with nail-coat polish. 

Three products to bring on a deserted island: photoprotection products (name 3 for me)

My feet: moisturizer. woooh!

My hands: my body butter in blueberry. 

Women I admire for their beauty: Anna Kournikova for hot bod, Eva Mendes for exotic look, Scarlett Johansson for boobs, Megan Fox for sultry pout, Jessica Alba honeyed skin, Adriana Lima as perfect model look. urgh. 

Women with the best sense of style: Angelina Jolie?

My ultimate dream: Girl from ipanema. ha,ha. 

My favourite fashion publication: I love to flip-thru Vogue & Harper’s Bazaar. But I love to read New Scientist & Architectural Digest. yikes. (Brat Pitt in January issue! )

I tag CT, Ren-ren & Kart for this. mwhahaha.

(I think I did this survey before… tapi di mana ya? hmmm 😛 )

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