I am uberly exhausted from workload. Do you know that I have been working since 8 am/16 June until almost 8 am/17 June? That’s fcuking 24 hours!

and non-stop y’know! Me with my 3-inches heels running around the office, back & forth from my room to the boss office for the long-never-ending discussion & endless amendment of methodology/scope of work of the proposal. 


I am emotionally-drained & physically weak. My mind unable to cope the long hours of doing the proposal but I can not just stop mid-way. I got to finish up before her 9.30 am flight to KL.

Well this is a proposal that we need to submit to Putrajaya as we are one of the consultant that have been invited to propose a study on one area (Huge ones, particularly covers 23% of the total area in Sabah). I have been given less than a week to come up with a method & ways to achieve the objectives of the study & only yesterday, 7 pm, we managed to form a whole-expert study team & then only start finalizing the proposal. 

I feel that my knowledge have been squeezed out of my brain to realize the proposal submission. I was the geologist, hydrogeologist, GIS specialist, engineer, landscape architect, ecologist, and even a toxicologist. I have to think like them in order to write down their role in the team as some of them doesn’t really give me a proper scope of work.

wagh. I need a break. I need RETAIL THERAPY. PRONTO! to get me back to my usual-self.



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