Definitely (heart) intelligence

ah I’m relieved! I just came back from a meeting with one of the key people in term of environmental management in Sabah (and perhaps Asia Pacific too). Nothing much discussed though, it is just that they explained the current situation of Sabah in terms of fishes, business development, investors that willing to invest while maintaining it’s green-practice as some EU laws and regulation on international biological organism trade is getting stringent. 

And they asked me, whether I am interested in the field. I said, yes. I am up to the challenge & i am willing to learn from the scratch on everything from A to Z.  I love field trips too, & I am willing to do those dirty work at site, bathymetric assessment, water sampling, taxonomic identification on fishes and etc. 

ah. I am just relieved. and hoping for the best. 🙂 in the mean time, the weekend is mine! No more over-time, no more rush proposal, no more late-nite in the office until wee in the morning.

But, I got geological report to read this weekend though. 

wargh.  I need LIFE. 

They wanted to read on my literature review. Oh, did I tell ya’ll that I wrote something different for my final paper as compared to typical topic like global warming, sustainable development and etc?

I did on xeriscape. A very creative way to conserve water for your landscape. Xeriscape derived from xeros & scape. At the early stage of writing, I kind of diverted to landscape designing & it is not entirely related to my degree programme. I got all my information from people that did their master degree in landscape archtecture, so what do ya expect? 😛 anyway. Will send my literature review to him & my laboratory report on some ecophysiology of marine organism that I did during my final semester.

I just love the laboratory report. It did give me headache & stress but that is one of my report that I can be proud of. 🙂

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