My kind of car!

If god permit! or if the world economy permit, or if the ‘Malaysian’ government permit (yep – astronomical tax imposed for good car *sigh*), I would love to splurge on these.

If men can have a list of dream car, why not women have a list of dream cars too, right?

I don’t normally drool over fancy car. I don’t really turns head when there is a BMW next to my car at the traffic light. But I do appreciate the craftmanship of the car. and, the technology! teehee. 🙂

1. Lexus GS 450h *wishful thinking* 🙂

2. Honda Civic Hybrid

3. Toyota Prius (ah! I so want this!)


Can you notice the resemblance of the cars listed above? teehee.

Yep. Hybrid car! and guess how expensive these hybrid car in Malaysia?

Civic 2.0S cost about 128k while Civic 1.3 Hybrid cost about 162k. argh!

Lexus GS hybrid? Prius? Not even selling in Malaysia. *sigh*

So as for now, I better stick to my old kelisa. and Im thinking of cycling to the office. *you know why*

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