The power of media

(warning: This post may have a sarcastic remark from a tree-hugger. No offence everyone!)

People are more aware of the surrounding, the ‘environment’ would be a correct term. I just hate to use environment in my sentence as people always using it loosely without in-depth meaning of it (sarcasm #1).

Few years ago when I asked people, ‘Hey, have you watched ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ yet? Their answer would be, “An Inconvenient whaat?” I would said, ‘alaaa, the one Gore talking about his life/politic life and carbon-earth temperature relationship by using Keynote slide presentation. Yerrrr, the one with nice graphic & all; super-long graph & cool NASA satellite images of earth yada yada.’ and I was given the ‘blank’ expression. Suddenly, out of no where, I read HEAPS of the review of the so-called movie from people’s blog (in Malaysia particularly). (Sarcasm #2).

Fine, that’s the power of media. It can educate people, expose people on the critical issue that normally being discuss only in the New Scientists bi-weekly magazine. I think its good for everyone to get this kind of exposure (especially when HBO Southeast Asia decided to make a premiere slot for the aforementioned so-called movie in conjunction with the so-called Earth Day). (Sarcasm #3)

I do have an online friend that I met once seeking my advice on how to reduce the consumption of natural resources in the workplace & a DVD of the An Inconvenient Truth.  There are people that aware of the surrounding issues & try to educate others on that. GOOD move sir! 

I read environmental science & management in the varsity & I am exposed to these kind of information to get in-depth understanding of the topic & to score in the final exams (sarcasm #4). I feel it is my obligation to spread what I have learned & understand during the course of 3-years reading about the environment.  

So my point here is, media is a very EFFICIENT tools to spread information on everything especially critical issues like climate crisis so that people aware & start acting. I am not going to preach on saving the environment, go recycle, say no to incinerator & all that shit here, but there is one thing that I would like my reader to understand:

Excerpt from my 1st job interview essay writing (Not in an exact sentence but the meaning is there, LOL):

“Environment. We live in one, we die in one. No matter how much resources we put, we can’t escape from the waste we created; nor that we can throw it away to the space. We’re living in an island, like a microcosm where input & output should and always be in equilibrium. 

In order to live harmonically with the surrounding, we should manage it wisely. It is not a duty of environmentalist. It is a duty of everyone living & breathing in this world. It is our choice to make the world a better place to live in & everyone is responsible taking care of the environment.”

Bull shit. (sarcasm #5). Count how many word ‘environment’  in the excerpt. LOL.

For more cool-fact regarding the environment where you can use it in an ‘interesting’ conversation with your colleague/friends, do read Collapse by Jared Diamond, Silent Spring by Rachel Carlson, The Origin of Species by Charles Darwin, The UNEP Year book 2008 by UNEP, The Omnivore Dilemma by Micheal Pollan, Gaia by James Lovelook and etc. (sarcasm #6)

I know, I know, I am being sarcastic. I can’t help it. I am quite skeptical when people talking about the ‘environment’. There must be something behind it. I don’t believe in altruist. Everyone has a little, tiny bit of egoist (Though the ethical egoist argument can not be proved, hence a useless ethical claim). 

Oh, well. I’m off to bed. 


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