Alright. I’m not particularly good at presentation but somehow I can’t escape it. The 3 of us, the executives were given Project to present in front of director of various gov departments. argh. The boss assigned me to do presentation regarding the quarry project while the other two on the housing & temple. I got to start polishing my presentation skills from now. My presentation would be early next month after the Harvest Festival whereas theirs a day before the celebration. dang.

Anyway, nothing much happening today in the office. I have received TOR approval letter for my proposed mixed development Project. yeay. I shall proceed with the final report. The setback for the Project is that the development plan is not confirmed yet, soil investigation is still pending and etc. I got to attend the consultants meeting again next week for the finalization of DP and other pending stuff.  

Once everything confirm, I shall start doing the baseline air, noise & water sampling, ecological study, as well as proposing some of the mitigation measure to minimize the impact of cutting slope. I gotta read more on the slope bioengineering so that I can suggest way to minimize the environmental impacts towards the slope area.  But for me, not the slope that would be the major impact to the surrounding area. I would say there would be an increase in traffic as the location strategically located between the city centre and the international airport. Though they are proposing to build ramp to channel the traffic to and out of the proposed area, I will still believe it would indeed increase the traffic especially when the international airport here able to accommodate more people & flights once the new building open.  Anyway, lets just leave that problem to the traffic consultant.  My worry would concentrated more on the trees & mass wasting. LOL.

Oh gosh, I think my blog getting bleak & boring.  I just can’t help it, blogging about work. I wish I could be that interesting & blog about some mushy-ishy stuff like flirting, party in da’ club or whatever it is. *sigh*

This weekend, I might visit another sunset bar around west coast Sabah. I’m thinking of chilling at Coast restaurant & bar, Rasa Ria Resort but then the gazebo looks like it is for fine dining. I wanted place for where you can chill with friends, talking, giggling over the singer (muhahaha), sipping margarita, eating finger snacks & watching sunset and of course, cam-whoring. LOL. Guess Coast restaurant is not for friends-outing as we need to dress smart casual (no shorts & flip-flop) to enter that. I’d settle for Sampan Bar then! 🙂 Shall start calling the ‘kaki’s of sunset bar for this weekend then.  🙂

Sampan Bar, Shangri-la Rasa Ria Resort, Borneo Sabah

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