Better in Time


It’s been a while since i post something here. It is either I am busy with work or that I’m too lazy to write. teehee. I have submitted my first EMP report today! With 5 copies of the report, I submitted the previous preliminary EIA with the attached additional information letters. 

I know. boring. boring blog post. I’ve write about work, non-stop.  I can’t help it. I am becoming workaholic. My fear is that I am beginning to be like the boss. The characteristics, the temper, the last-minute, the perfectionist & etc. ah. 

I have nothing much to update y’all too. Life’s been occupied with work, cardio/dance class & sleep. I can’t even find time to play tennis, read book & hangout with friends. Oh, don’t get me started on my wanting-to-be-serious-hobby photography. i have YET to get decent camera. ah. I want to meet my photographer too! The person advising me to get into photography as a hobby. Thanks to that fella, now that I’m considering it. 🙂 ah i missed him.

iDa going cashless

Last saturday I went to the bank & get myself a Visa debit-card. yeay! So from now on I am going to purchase thing with my Visa debit card. I don’t believe in credit card though but debit card seems okay to me. 🙂 I am still planning up my financial on how much I should save & how much I should spend etc. I am having trouble figuring out which account I should use as primary & which is for saving. hmmm. I have a few options:

1. Cheque in to bank A as savings then transfer part of the amount online to bank B (Bank A charge 50 cents for every inter-bank transaction).

2. Cheque in to bank B as a central account before distributing the amount to savings account (Bank A) & other investment account (Bank B charge RM2 for every inter-bank transaction).

Second dilemma

I don’t know how much I should save & how much I should spend. I am planning to spend about 10% of my salary & the rest, I’ll save it up. I am currently spending about RM300 for food/fuel/bill (RM80/month for Kelisa, RM5 for lunch/5 times/week & RM 77 for streamyx). I have not counted in the Starbucks trip, food expenses, unexpected shopping trip etc. LOL. That leaves me about 1k every month for saving. hmmm.

So there goes my dilemma that i have yet to sort it out. Wish me luck!

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