Female Driver

Yep. I’ve said it. I have this bias towards female driver. I am a female myself but I don’t consider myself as one when I’m behind the wheel. Since last week, i feel totally irritated when someone driving in front of my car (and yes, female driver). I don’t have ill feelings toward them but they keep on giving me different signal, drive too SLOW, pressing the brake every split second (I’m sure they’ll hit the brake pedal on encountering an ant crossing the road, sigh) and etc.

Same thing happened again when I was on the way home. Upon reaching junction to my house; this dark blue Range Rover drove at 50 km/h on the right lane, 600 m before turning right to the junction. I was like, WTF! Lucky, that Range Rover model is one of my favourite 4WD car. If not, I would be probably cursing it from that junction to my house. Heh.

I just realized that the blue Range Rover is actually my neighbor. She lives in the same housing estate but in different lane. AGAIN, I kinda pissed off with her/the household because they have too many car till they have to park at the road in front of their house. Come on lah! Why don’t you buy a house with BIGGER porch to accommodate your SL-Class, 3-Series BMW, Range Rover, Toyota Cygnus/Lexus LX470 (honestly, I can’t identify which one is theirs), Prado and etc. Gosh.


On a lighter note, 

We (the executive) changed the arrangement of our desks this morning.  The boss is not happy with the layout of our desk because one of the desk is blocking the plug point & she wants the point the be reachable. sigh. So, we moved the desk, redo the electricity connection and the network wiring. dang! 

Oh, I received my first Environmental Management Plan (EMP) project today. EMP is a continual report meant as one of the necessary report required for projects under DOE. My project location is in Labuan, Federal Territory. So it is obvious all projects would be under DOE. She gave me 2 weeks to complete the EMP. It was quite straight forward but I need to read up on it too before starting the report tomorrow.  I’ve contacted relevant parties to request for information needed for the report today. Hopefully they’ll get back to me ASAP. 🙂


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