Four days of holiday is almost over and guess what? I wasn’t really fully-utilized it. ha,ha. SO me! 🙂 It wasn’t a that bad either but I kinda regret it. Thanks to me for being so ignorant of the long break. If i had known it earlier, I would buy myself a return ticket to KL instead of stranded here in KK for four days! Gosh.  Lesson learned! Next time I gotta check when’s public hols so I can plan it earlier. 🙂 

Anyway, this morning I watched the first Asian movie to be shown in Hallmark channel (refer to the blog post) & I’m super lovin’ it. It’s about a struggle of a woman with a visually challenged kid with her estranged father. I’m not good at reviewing things but I suggest you to watch it. It really touched you somehow though you’d never be in her situation in the movie especially when she hugged her father in the end. *sob sob* cinematography is superb too! The film was shot in Singapore with a mixed of local & international actor & actresses i.e Tan Khen Hua (Margaret Phua, remember? PCK? LOL), Makoto Iwamatsu (He acted in blockbuster such as Pearl Harbor, Seven Years in Tibets etc) to name a few, and a young talent of Dickson Tan (he’s adorable, and he can act!)

So go & watch it. I can assure you, you got nothing to lose. With this, I include the Cages trailer for a sneak peek on what it is all about. Enjoy!

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