Teach me how to dance


I just came back from the latino dance class from the gym.  I was quite impressed with myself as I have no been dancing in ages & when I’m about to shake the booty, I still be able to dance! 🙂 

It was a real workout latino dance & I sweat a lot. Seriously a lot. like i can squeeze my sweat from the tee that I am wearing. LOL.

The instructor used those pumping body/booty (I’m sure you get the idea; see how Shakira, J.Lo, Beyonce & etc) moves. The class ended with a little bit of hiphop move, which is quite fun too and not as tough as it looks. Maybe it is quite hard for the beginner but for those who know how to dance, I’m sure you are able to pick it up in no time. 🙂

Anyway, I’m still over-ly ecstatic about it. This is how I start my long holiday. 🙂 I’m sure holiday going to be better tomorrow. 🙂

Banana leaf lunch yo!! 🙂 ahhhh I miss KL so so much. I miss the night life, shopping haven, varieeeeety of foooooood to choose from & the friends over there!

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  1. Sally Bee says:

    Hey gym bunny… I saw the banner in City Mall “Core Fitness opening soon”.. any idea how soon would that be? I hope they offer aerobic classes like of those Les Mills workout program.. I’m in desperate need to burn off those stubborn calories + cellulites off my butt! i want step classes & bodypump..!!

    I’ve yet to check out the jogging track you suggested, but truth be told, i’m not really a jogging person though..

    P/S.. STILL haven’t got my broadband from home.. :p

  2. anggun3 says:

    hahahahha yep. that ‘corefitness’ dunno when the heck it gonna open. Not so soon i guess. i don’t know. Don’t put yr hope high this time. (coreWTFisthat).
    then again, it may b one of the last resort to work out after work and/or during rainy days (which turns out to be almost everyday now. wtf)
    So let’s just wait and see. but in the mean time, u could check one one small gym in damai ( just above the RCH). my friend recommended me to go there and try out their pilates but then again lazy mood emerge. ahhhh.
    well I always go to the Likas jogging track (when its not raining), u can just find me there after 5+ hahahaha. oh and I’m not a jogging person either, i ‘powerwalk’. LOL. its fun though! 🙂

    erk better get broadband for home soon. I dunno how u can stand life without broadback. frankly speaking, I can’t. LOL

  3. Sally Bee says:

    Hi Ida.. I discovered this interesting blog while googling away for “Core Fitness”.. check this out http://ckoh1965.blogspot.com/2009/01/core-fitness.html.. Hmm, might want to check out the place myself one to these days, who knows I might see you there? Heheh..
    Next week will be off the entire week except for Saturday where I’m just returning to collect ang pau from the bosses..

  4. anggun3 says:

    hey sally! yep ive read the blog! will check out the fitness centre one of these days too… Guess this is my only hope in keeping fit since KK been raining almost everyday?
    urgh. I curse the weather every single day..
    happy new year to u sally! Enjoy the holiday 🙂

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