Sunrise, sunrise,Looks like morning in your eyes…

.. But the clock held 9.15 for hours. -Norah Jones, Sunrise.

Ha.ha so true! Especially for lazy bummer like me. The clock held 9.15 when it’s already 11.00 for the last 2 weeks. Serious!

But not today! Today I managed to drag myself out of bed before 10. LOL. Had my quick breakfast of coffee + donut, put on my tennis shoes & headed to the tennis practice wall. FINALLY. Hooray!

The first 15 minutes, the weather was awesome even it was already 9.50 am. After the first 15 minutes i suffered from the sunlight heat and the hard court heat coming out from the concrete floor. I feel like I’m in the sauna! Served me right for not being an early bird. I wasn’t really serious hitting the ball today though as I was just trying to get used to the surrounding & the wall. I got to get used to the flat tennis backboard as I’m used to the curved backboard tennis wall back in UM.

My forehand sucks but I still maintain the habit of one-handed backhand. Ball serve is still OK. So overall, I got to get used to the surrounding here & improve on my forehand.

Oh and I think there’s something wrong with my grip too. I am using the continental grip but seems that my hand gets so tired hitting the ball especially my fingers. Hmmm… maybe because of I haven’t been playing tennis so quite sometime. Served me right, again! Ha.ha.

Anyway, I can’t wait for Australian Open 2008! I will support (you-know-who) Rafa &
Mr FedEx! ha.ha.

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