Sunday to-do-list

1. Back-up data in my Macbook & PC /done
2. Reformat PC = dual boot XP & Ubuntu (adamz tulung sia!) /pending
3. Upload tons of photos to my picasa & flickr /pending
4. List down applications that I have downloaded & frequently used /done
5. Back up of phone book list /done
6. Burn all movies in my HD to DVD /pending
7. Reformat my iPod. /done
8. Need to buy Leopard /ahhh..when??
9. Need to figure out why I can’t open my camera phone app /:(
10. Clean my macbook (with the iKlear; not wash it off with water silly!) /darn!
11. Clean my room (urgh!) /yeah rite..
12. Soak my hair with olive oil /I better to go the salon
13. manicure & pedicure /yep
14. I swear tomorrow i’ll have JUST one cup of coffee /failed
15. I need to do facial too! /yes. buy clinique facial wash too
16. Finish up my PS I Love You, Chariot of the gods, The Elegant Universe book. /i’m kiddin myself
17. Need to survey on the flat screen for my PC /done
18. Buy a mouse for my mac. Mighty mouse! i WANT! /ahh..when?
19. Need to do whole body scrubbing. ha.ha /anyone wanna help me?

So, overall, my sunday would be my beauty & geek day. ROFL LMAO!

(updated January 14, 2008)

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