Hello wordpress. welcome to wordpress iDa!

heh, been blogging on and off from various blog sites. yes, and everytime, i will write and delete. So, Im hoping with this, I would write consistentlyand stay for a certain period of time (until I find another better ones, lol).

Im feeling exhausted from the saturday outing. I walked to the DTC to meet my friends, and snap few pictures around the DTC as we DON’T really have pictures of the 3 of us together (shockingly true!).

Had late lunch at Sg Wang & went to Pavilion KL. Aw, the latest mall in town is simply irresistable. Housed all the luxurious brand! and, of course the second Forever 21 store is in there as well! ah, i bought another black lace top! It’s love at first sight! Simply classy & simple! It’s worth buying.

Im done with studies. Im done with my degree. I have no idea what to do now. Seriously freaking out everyday thinking about it. I had bad dream EVERY night since my final exam ended. I guess Im still in the student thinking mode and switching to working-mode would be like a huge transition that i do not know whether I can handle it.

I guess i should start looking for job now. It’s the only logical way to move on with life- apart from being a slacker, which is so not my forte. I have no idea on what job to look for; I know the easiest way is to look for job related to my major etc but Im looking for more than 9-to-5 job. I want some out-of-ordinary job which I would enjoy doing it. OK it may sound like Im too choosy but I feel that if we do not like the job we are doing then we would not be happy. I want job that I enjoy doing it & able for me to learn something else everytime & move forward. That’s my definition of ideal job!. Ha.ha.

Since Im majoring in environmental science & management, so the most relevant job to me would be working with the authority handling the environment, waste management, consultant, MNC’s health & safety department or even with NGO’s. Hmm.. I personally feel that I shouldn’t just narrow down to this few options and should look beyond that. Or shall I start my own business? I’m planning to but I need to do networking. lol.people networking.

Im yawning away. Shall hit the sacks now. ’till then.

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