Toffee Nut is back!

Im currently in Bangsar Village, sipping my much anticipated drink- toffee nut latte!
yeay! finally its here! season greetings!
hahahha. i’ve been asking the barista when are they going to serve toffee nut in Starbucks everytime I order my drink. Ha ha and i get the same answer everytime. sigh.

but now its here! so Im going to enjoy it while i can! i love toffee nut latte. go and try it!

4.11pm – k im back in MC. Ah, such a tiring day. I don’t know why, I sleep more than before (8 hours/day) and still feel lethargic. SO basically I spent my morning and afternoon in Telawi Bangsar area (Yep, great way to spend sunday in KL).

As i walk around the area, I came across one boutique selling shoes & accessories. It’s called Elo. They have a very nice range of shoes with a reasonable price. Of course Im planning to buy one the moment i entered the shop but what really captured me was the bag. It is such a simple messenger-kinda bag with adjustable strap. It looks very neatly manufactured etc. I fell in love with the off-white bag & yes, bought it straight away. Moreover, it is less than 100 bucks!

ha,ha. there goes me shopping without thinking again. Since Im in Kl, i’ve created this unhealthy habit, of doing things unexpectedly. For example, last monday I was so damn bored in the room and it was raining the whole afternoon. I was a lil’ moody as well due to the weather. So when the rain stop, I feel like working out. At first I want to play tennis but since the rain just stopped, it is impossible as the court were still wet. Without further planning on what else to do i just slip on my Moire nike & workout attire & start jogging! Jogging is sooo not my forte! I ended up with muscle pull on both of my front thigh the next day. ha,ha. I feel good after jogging though. Must do that again sometime.

I can’t wait to go to the tennis tournament. I was at the bookstore in Bangsar Village reading one magazine; interview with Rafael Nadal & roger Federer by some local magazine (I kinda forgot the name of the mag tho’). Wasn’t much information there but it just trigger me to think of crashing their Cocktail Reception. ha,ha! Unfortunately I don’t have the VIP invitation of that reception. It’s going to be held at one of the restaurant in Starhill Gallery, KL. I soooo want to meet them in person! and take lotsa snap with them! Im still finding my way though!

Anyway, good weather now. will write again later tonight or something. gotta run to the tennis court because I feel like jumping around now (due to the high concentration of caffeine + toffee nut in my blood, lol).

Until then. ciao.

TQ for reading this post 🙂

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