Saturday Updates


May28, 2005. 9.10pm

Frankie J- Obsession

Its been a fine day for me. Went out with Jessie to watch cartoon. haha!

Watching Madagascar; and its worth watching it!

Okay, okay we may be surrounded with kids and their mom and all; and the dried sotong smell (urgh) but the story line and the jokes in it are so damn Funny! lol.

and they gave a free Coke’s glass when u buy the large combo popcorn. hahaha.

After that we went to (of course the one and the main place in kk) cps for lunch in McD. Gosh, had big mac yesterday and today i had a double cheese burger ( its no good; in putting lots of calories this week and not burning it). haha.

We dropped by MNG and im so in love with the white handbag. Gosh! White handbag! argh. but thinking that i need to use the money to buy the new skin care so i change my mind (but i’ll be back next week to buy that! haha)

See, im SO,SO weak when it comes to handbag; they’re just SO adorable.

From now im not a neutogena girl anymo’. hehe, i think my skin already build a resistance to the Neu’ product. So i change it to Clinique. Now im starting to like it cuz the cream feels so nice when it absorb to my epidermis. But the clarifying lotion is too harsh; i can even smell the alcohol. haha.

Some more, i bought The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown; ppl said it has a good twist and brain teasing story. Well, im not into this kind of genre but it wouldn’t hurt to try isnt it? 🙂

So, i gave up Nicholas Spark’s latest novel ( i forgot the title) over this da vinci code. (:

Oh, met Tasha today! Feels good to meet old friend that u havnt see in a long time. 🙂

Anyway, since im a member or MariahCareyTeamOnline, i’ll get the updates on Mariah via email. Wow, she secure her place as the #1 most succesful female artist of all time as "We Belong Together" becomes her 16th song to top the Billboard Hot 100!

Mcrls019dkMeaning she have a chance to beat The Beatles (with 20 #1’s) and and Elvis Presley (18 #1’s) in the modern era.

We Belong Together is also #1 on the Rhythmic Top 40 chart (the most spins ever by a female at the format), #1 on the Streaming Audio chart for a 6th consecutive week, and #1 overall on the AOL Music Network’s Top 11 – has been named the biggest single in the HISTORY of both Mariah and Island Def Jam as it passes the 157 million audience plateau this week.

WOW. i adore her.

And i know, most of my friends knows that im a MC Haha. 🙂

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