jeans, mini and cherries.


22May25, 2005. 7.22pm.

Joss Stone- U had me.

Xglp1amd20_largei came across a very cute ballerina shoes and pumps today. And of course its frm LV. Xg2f1gst14_large

Darn, they look so C-u-t-e esp with their murakami’s and jeans-like design. they make u go Xgqp1ava33_largega-ga; and drool.hahaha. 

u can check em out at LV’s website.

Gosh, wuts up with d world and LV?Even Britney has her flying pink monster truck Hummer with Louis Vuitton interior. And, Simpson sister’s puppies has a LV monogram bag as a house.And Jessica with her fav alma? And, Siti Nurhaliza with her speedy white monogram multicolore. And, Mariah Carey with her Suhali Le Fabuleux.

So i better get one. ahaks.

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