May31,2005. 7.11pm

Jay Chou- Piano Play @ 16 GMA 2005 clip

I know i missed the GMA ; ok im not really bother abt it anyway, seen d ad in astro wutsoever but couldnt care less. But i saw Jay’s pic in the ad. Haha.

Anyway, a good friend of mine just update me with the news on GMA and (sadly) Jay’s been nominated 2 5 categories and won none of it. Gosh.

Anyway, i just downloaded the clip of him n his good friend playing d piano with a bit of mario games tunes ( and tht wuz so cute! ) ehehe.

i know i missed such a good performances. ;p

Anyway, Im on the 78th chapter of the Da Vinci Code. Gosh. cant wait to know where they hide the secret. hmmm.

i’ll write later. Gotta finish the book. =)

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