Learning curve


“You build skills faster when changing companies because of the learning curve.”

Why the high learning curve? Because job hoppers are constantly placed outside of their comfort zones. They join companies, know they have to learn fast, make great impressions, and improve the bottom line—all within a couple of years before moving on to their next conquest. As a result, they’re usually overachievers and learn a lot in a short span of time.

Pays & benefits?

Pay and benefits are important, but professional development and advancement potential should also be priorities.

Am I letting fear drive my decision?

Don’t allow fear of the unfamiliar to hold you back from accepting a new one. Clinging to the comfort of the status quo is like playing not to lose.

I have given the opportunity to grow, and to add myself to another new set of challenges, and why am I thinking twice about it?

I am a go-getter. This is not the first time, am leaving familiar and comfortable places, to venture to the world of unknown? I have not much commitment yet, no child etc. and why am I so scared to, grow?

Am i sitting at place where I am most comfortable? Am I running away from set of responsibilities and problem now? I don’t think so. In fact, I LOVE my projects. I LOVE my set of consultants, especially my architect. I adore him, professionally. and he lead the team well. It is like a dream team. like walking in a dream.

But I am ready for more responsibilities and expectation. I want to shine. I want to do-well. I want to shine my passion into reality. Even the path am taking next might not be the smooth one.

People take chances, people need change to move forward and to be better.

Or stay put and, resolve whatever boils down in you. I have no personal issue. My aim now is personal development and career growth.

That’s it.

Money matters, to sustain and to pay bills. But if you have all the money in the world, and yet, you don’t unleash the thing that stopping you from taking chances?

DO you feel happy about it? Will i feel happy about it?

I am forever grateful for the opportunities and all the good things that happened to me for the past few years. I am forever indebted. I will cherish everything, every opportunity, every benefits, and every perks.

But the decision factor now is, the learning curve.


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