Borneo Ultra Trail Marathon 2016

No, i didn’t run 50km nor 100km. I ran just, 30km and its not as crazy tough as TMBT last year where my first DNF. 

It’s doable. But still, crazy hills, and lotsa runners got lost. 

No comments on the organizer this year except that am pretty much dissapointed. 
Me, photos from fb. Credit to the photographer 

Map from my garmin watch, too many river crossing. Like, getting used to running at hanging bridge

Unofficial time is 7 hours 22 mins, official timing is 7 hrs 33mins.

My heart rate was maximum through out the run until the heart monitor fail on me. Died.

I dont really taking lotsa picture this year. So yeah. 

Flatlay on my mandatory kit. Hahah. Too lazy and i had enough of mandatory kit flatlay for the last 2 years

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