Pince & Pints, Bangsar

We recently celebrated my colleague big three-o birthday and we treated her lobster at one of the lobster place in Telawi, Bangsar. 

We ordered 3 dishes for sharing of 4 of us. We ordered chili lobster with mantou, and extra mantou, the lobster roll and also briyani lobster, the special dish for Ramadan.

It is quite pricey, but the thing that killing us is the still water that cost rm28 per 1 litre bottle, and we had 2 bottles. Bagus minum wine, its d same or more of less the same price. 

Lobster flatlay 

Chilli lobster, pretty sweet. Taste like singapore chilli crab without a hint of spicyness.

Half of lobster on my plate

This is briyani lobster 

Yep, everyone is starving 

Bad iphone photos in front of the shop.

My review? It’s alright. Nothing to shout about except its is, lobster. Most dish cost about rm157++ so if you are eating one dish per person, you do the math. 

My favourite dish? Definitely not briyani lobster but, lobster roll!! The soft bread, lobster inside, and the amazing garlic aioli of smooth and creamy taste kinda dressing. 

Ambience wise, is amazing. Staff are very attentive. It’s the place to splurge. Definitely since Bangsar is the place for the rich and famous. And celebrities. 

Pince & Pints located at 32, Jalan Telawi 5, Bangsar. 

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