New beginning?

Hello all! It’s been more than 3 months since i updated this blog of mine. 

So how am i doing?

Good, and bad. New job. New challenge. Sacrifice to go up to something better will result in new exploration and set of challenges. I am tested with the worse of challenge, financially. Trying to keep my head up but the issue still linger at the back of my head, whether i want to ignore it or not. 

So, are you happier now?

Yes, and no. 

So, what am i going to do? It’s december again and it’s time to do reflection on how 2016 treated me. 

Yes, i need to do a thorough reflection and plan my action for 2017. 

I think it’s time to fly away. What do you think? 

Yes, i think so too. I need to take a leap of faith, like i always do. I am 31 now, i am braver and better. 

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