31 days

It’s a countdown! 31 days to 31 years old. Yeay! Hello everyone. Sorry for missing in action after the #fuel post. I was away for chinese new year to Macau and Hong Kong, and back in KL and flying off again to Indonesia this weekend. Talking about jetsetter life.

Okay, I haven’t really got time to blog about Amsterdam, Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka, Hong Kong and Macau. and Batam. Oh gosh, so many writing assignment and yet, am procrastinating. You guys must be wondering what happened to me? Yeah well, am living well. I eat well, I exercise-hard, and sleep early. I never stay up late anymore, and I binge watching on Robot, The Big Bang Theory, Fargo, 2 Broke Girls and The Blacklist !!

I should be sleeping right now.

Seriously, i have no idea what to write about tonight.

Oh, and I did a route simulation for my upcoming ultra marathon at route 68. Yes, you heard me, 50km road race. I did 35-ish km last weekend. My leg sore as hell. The run started from the Orang Asli Community Hall, at about batu 12, Jalan Gombak up to the Genting Sempah check-point/R&R/McDonald’s, and return. It’s a painstakingly uphill all the way.


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