Turning 31 on the 31st

Hello! How are you guys doing? Good I hope, am doing alright, if ever anyone ever missing me here. I have been occupied with life and work so much, that I almost forgotten that I got my own website. LOL. OK exaggerating here. It’s April and my last post was in, umm.. February yeah? Or was it March?

I guess I owe you guys belated birthday post. I turned 31 last 31 march. Well, am officially in my 30s. No biggie here. I feel more stable, focus, and know (or partly know) what I want in life. Or at least, a reasonable target for this decade.

Work is stable, salary is enough to survive, am happy with what I am doing, I love where I stay now (who doesn’t love to stay in Mont Kiara??), I have a small group of friends in which i cherish, I have a loveable parents, I travel to at least 6 different countries in a year. I still run, I hike every sunday, I do crossfit, I cook my own meal now, I am wiser in spending money, I appreciate the finer things in life, I still have that little crush over the architect that made me giggle like little girl, I still have that stronger SO of 12 years, I am contented with life and grateful everyday to God for all these good things happening to me.

God has challenge me with the worst last year, and everything came in together, one after another. and yet, here i am, still standing and still surviving. That is my greatest achievement that I can be proud of coming the 31 years of my life.

The only setback this year is, that the Dept of Civil Aviation going to increase 1000% on all their fees, in directly the price going to be put on the customer. So, how am I going to fly back home more often if the price of going back from from 400/return to say,what? 4000? WTF. Don’t get me started on those political sentiment and sort.

Well, apart from that, am looking for a jump in career, more senior position; an associate maybe? Or perhaps, to jump to developer side, instead of being a consultant; before am competent enough to open on my own. Well, planning, and planning.

Another plan is to get or to grab a property here. i am in the right track with my car and loan. Hopefully. But, next is, property. But then again, knowing me, I can’t comprehend anything lower than what I expected. That is my main problem. You see, housing loan is practically the most significant borrowing money in your life. We are not living in the 70s anymore whereby you can get 30k for a terrace house. Terrace house in Klang Valley, okay, not exactly in Klang Valley but just off Bukit Jelutong with 20′ x 60′ starts at 600k. 600 fucking K.

Don’t get me started on the second hand single storey house in taman tun (Taman tun always catches my heart, for some reason). The house of 30 years old, or older, cost starting 1million in that particular neighbourhood. Unless you can compromise living in congested off Puchong, Rawang, Sepang, Klang, etc, you still can get reasonable price. I am staying at the 1200rm/psf in which make it at one of the affluent place in Klang Valley (Second to KLCC golden triangle/Kenny Hills/Damansara Heights). Gosh.

So, to compare to your parents living and earning years ago and now, the Y generation suffer a lot in the sense that you have to work hard twice or trice harder than your parents to have the same comfortable living in their decade before. True story.

Working-wise, you need to be competitive, fluent in English, and great communication to communicate you ideas to other consultants. Bachelor degree is nothing nowadays, you need to make yourself competitive with additional Masters degree, continuous personal development, increase in soft skills, and practically know how to deal in the ‘real world’.

Unless, you are contented in government job with stable income, and promised pension. Oh wait, you can’t depends on your government with the current situation. Ever heard of government going bankrupt in the States? What about Greece? These are the risk, and everyone should open their eyes, and see how the direction going from there.

Anyway, no birthday cake with candles for me this year. Like ever i had one? Even last year. But I am grateful for my colleagues, we had birthday lunch at Alexis, Jalan Ampang, with 2 slices of yummy cakes, I got a pair of Ironman/Black Widow as birthday gift, I have a bouquet of red Gerbera bouquet of flower from the so-called ‘secret admirer’, I got a FaceTime call from my favourite couple,  and a weekend of girls starting friday night. We had bingsu at Caffe Benne, korean dinner and haagen day as dessert, all at Solaris Mont Kiara. They stay over at my place, we cooked for lunch on saturday, and sunday we finally try the ever-hyped-salted-egg-cronut at Taman Tun, and a goddamnspicylovely sambal hijau lunch afterwards.

No wishes from a guy, or guys, or love ones. I got all the girls to celebrate with me. I am contented.

My wish for this year? To be better than yesterday. and to achieve all my resolution. I know, I always do.

have a great weekend ya all.


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