Nike WeRunKL, NOT!

I want to share my frustration over Nike We Run KL 2016. As everybody knows that registration open today at 11am. I rushed back from gym in Damansara Heights, and reached home and entering the house at 10.59am. 

By 11.01am am on the computer and trying to register for the run. 

Its 12pm and still time-out. 

Guess what, website timeout, i keep on repeating key in my payment details until both maybank and cimb call me to verify the transaction. To no avail, after 2 hours and a half, i still can’t get through. 

So i email to the website, and request for help. In d mean time, i keep on registration for this. 3 hours. And no. Not in yet. 

Until i give up. Its 4pm now and registration already closed.


I swear i will not join any Nike run anymore. Am way beyond frustrated. 

Sorry, you will not have my support. 

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