of Landscape Architect

I barely write about my job scope especially of becoming a Landscape Architect. I did write a substantial amount of being an Environmentalist working in a environmental consultancy. You can trace back to the year before 2011 on that.

It’s time of the year again where I will do my own self-appraisal and reflection on how am I doing in this job, and where I will be in the coming years. I didn’t reflect much last year and the last two years. I guess the bonuses and the exponential increment says it all. However, I did slow down a little bit last year. Not that am slowing down, but since the economic turnover slumping down the property market for Malaysia. Implementation of GST, and whatnot, makes everyone careful with their financial situation. Few of my projects slowed down, suspended and revamped because of the unfavourable market situation. So, my workload getting less and less towards the end of 2015. Two running construction projects completed in early 2015 as well.

Perhaps, I do feel that i am lacking in motivation with the current situation. I need some fresh-air, new environment. Nope, I need new challenges. Greater than the existing challenges. I feel too comfortable sitting on my chair now. Not good.

Perhaps you probably wondering why I choose this profession. I always wanted to be an architect. But I don’t get a chance to enter the architecture school. However, I completed my environmental studies in one of the top university in Malaysia. And, I still keep the hope of someday becoming one. Or at least, I get to work that involved a little bit of building and design. So to marry my qualification, and my interest, I found a unique field, which is landscape architecture.

Here I am. Landscape Architects basically plays an influential role in residential/commercial property developments, open spaces, theme parks and so on. We will first evaluate the site and even before the Architect comes into the picture.

That is the IDEAL situation where Landscape Architect will advice/recommend the architect on the architectural orientation on site to fully maximize the natural beauty and the environmental aspects of the site. Little is to be done here on this aspects.

Again, with my knowledge and experience as an environmentalist beforehand, I have the upper hand or little advantage of ‘Multi-potentiality’.

I love being an environmentalist. The one year and half of working as one is one of my cherished working experience, ever. But I love my job now too, as Landscape Architect. At the same time, am thinking of starting my own startup. Patent my own products. and even becoming a travel-writer. I want to be  ultra-marathoner, world explorer, and even, a hippie.

Life is too short to achieve all these. But, I am taking one step at a time, making plan, realigning focus, long term plan and to achieve all.

Believe in yourself. You can achieve whatever you want to be. Or do.


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