Year 2016

Happy new year everyone! How is your new year celebration? Good i hope. I just celebrated with closed friend by having dinner and watching fireworks from my house rooftop infinity pool. It was awesome. I can see fireworks from KLCC side, midvalley, dutamas area, behinc hartamas as well as the nearest Mont Kiara where the fireworks was just in my face !!  Literally. 

Clips taken. So i got good feeling that this year going to be much better year as compared to 2015. This is the good and positive vibes. 

You can see KLCC and KL tower from the house pool at level 8 🙂

Second day of the year, am practically at home doing laundry, scrubbing and stuff. But today, my friend and i went hiking Bukit Kiara. We followed a group of regular hikers as we dont know the route yet. Took us about 2 hours to complete the journey. Next week can go and try out other route again. 

I need to get back to my training routine. But this time, instead of just going to the gym, am cross training.

Means monday is tennis, tuesday is badminton, wednesday is crossfit, thursday is home gym, friday rest, saturday is crossfit, sunday hike/run. 

I need to keep to this for at least 90days. That’s three months. 

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