Sambal Hijau Kg. Sg. Penchala

It was rather, on the way back from Ikea to Hartamas and am scratchingg my head on where to bring my parents for lunch. They are like the typical malay food where its cheap and lotsa choices. Totally the opposite of me. 

Spend the whole day at ikea and finally, whoa, should try and search for the ever-famous sambal hijau restaurant. 

And yep, it was in waze. So waze-we-go. Also, the moment we arrive, it’s a friday prayers. My dad went to the mosque while we waited at the shop.

There’s a lot, i mean A LOT of choices for dishes. Some tempoyak, patin, all the inners, more than 10 choices of veggie, ulams, ikan bakar and lotsa sambal. I took one veggie, one ikan bakar, and 4 sambal. 
See. Don’t ask me how much. It came close to 10RM. But whatever, the sambal is to die for. I mean sambal hijau. 

  Another upclose view of my lunch. 

There’s a parking provided. 

The shop located next to the mosque.

Another view of the shop. 

Sambal Hijau located at Kg. Sg. Penchala, Kuala Lumpur. 5minutes drive from Ikea and/or Sri Hartamas/Mont Kiara. 

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