2 days after the UA challenge, and i didn’t feel any sore or pain, or what you normally called it DOMS. Nada. Zero. 

Guess i am getting stronger. One month and a half into crossfit journey and am getting stronger, no less heavier but leaner. 

But the keyword here is stronger. Yep. I can barely do continous 5 burpees on mg first class, and yet, now i can do 15 burpees without stopping. Not a good figure yet but, hey, am only 6 weeks here. 

Today coach teach us on finding our best in squatting. I havn’t figure out mine yet. LOL. After that, sand bag squat, snatch, over head squat, back squat n sort. I use 6kg sandbag whereas the boys using 12kg sandbag. Routine involve stretching and sort. 

Then he ask us to do as many squat as possible in a minute. I did 44 squats in a minute. Okay not bad. 

After that for WOD, we did: 

2x 6kg/12kg sand bag squat cluster

Infinite sit-up.

EMOM. 10minutes. 

Phew. I lead the class with 151 sit-up today. Roar. But i did, push myself up just now. 


Am a happy kid. Clap clap. 

This is the way i keep track of what i am doing, i supposed to have a crossfit diary, but instead of writing about it, its better to publish it here, so i can inspire other people to do their best too. 

I had spicy chicken, with ladies finger that i throw in with an egg, cayenne powder (lots of it), black pepper and salt to taste. I ate both with ABC super hot spicy chili sauce. My mouth burns from all. 

I don’t follow any paleo diet but am porpotioning my meal, and still eat everything in moderation, and whatever i have in the fridge.

During groceries shopping, i limit myself by buying all the fruits and green goods, fresh meat of chicken, beef and seafood. I am not buying any processed food like sausages, and sort. But i can’t get away from coffee and condensed milk though. That is my weakness. 

Example of my breakfast. French toast with fruits and coffee. This was yesterday. 

I had chicken with green chilli and rice for lunch. A full set of meal, with sambal, veggie, ulam, salted egg. Yep. I still eat, but i only take half of the rice. And sirap selaseh. 

I am still heavier but my core is getting stronger. Sit-up surprise me much this week, and am happy with my little progress. 

Little progress is still a progress. 

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