Under Armour Challenge 5

This would be my second UA Malaysia challenge i participated. The first one was Challenge 3 crossfit at G-Tower months back. You can read about it in my previous post. 

But as of today, Challenge 5 held at my crossfit box, home ground. plus i did the first workout last saturday, and boy i can’t straighten my arms for 2 days because of that workout.

Let me tell ya the WOD for this Challenge. 

Initially it involved burpees and hand stand plate, wall ball throw at partner. 50m sprint and 50m carry your friend. But i guess because of it was raining, the workout has to move indoor, and they reveal the new workout:

Workout 1:

12x 4kg sandbag (i think its 4kg, its quite light though) 

12x burpees while the other will hold a 15kg/20kg plate over head. 

Amrap. 10 minutes. 

Workout 2: 

15x 20lbs/30lbs slam ball

15x push-up 

15x sit-up 

6 rounds. For time. 

Its a partner WOD and i did it with my ex-colleague. 

And i finish strong. 💪🏼

Coach demonstrating the slam ball. Sorry, blurry picture.

First session. Am in the second session.


Nana were there too.

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