Penang Bridge International Marathon 2014

Again, for the third, oh wait.. Forth time, i participated in the annual Penang Bridge marathon. I started off with the fun run, with my used to be best friends, then 10k with my ex-colleagues, half marathon (HM) with my ex-colleagues too last year, and this year..

My first ever full marathon.

And guess what, this year PBIM held at the new second bridge too. Which means, I am the first batch to actually completed FM at that second bridge. The bridge length from island to mainland is approximately 21km. So i ran from the island to mainland and back to the island.

How was it? I was a bit skeptical at first, as i never run so far before. I don’t do LSD, i don’t regularly run and am not all the runner used to do, but i never quit. I set my mind to actually complete with, no matter what. I have to go easy on my knee too so that i wouldn’t be suffering throughout the entire race.

Alhamdulillah.. I managed to complete it within the cut-off time. The damage? Blisters, deep vein thrombosis and the overwhelmed victory feeling. I love it.

Will i ever sign up for FM again? No way. Not anytime soon.

Ok, am fine with the event but it’s a little bit mismanaged this year. Too many people, 62,000 people !! There’s bottle neck when merging with the 10k people, i can barely run, or maneuver since most of the 10k people are walkers.

Apart from that, not many sign of how many km left.. I have to rely on my garmin watch. Not enuff toilet along the way. Lotsa guys just taking out their penis and pee out of the bridge.  They are quite cheapskate when giving out the power gel. Gave us one only where as during SCKLM, they give you 3 powergel.

And the worse of all.. is the finishing line. There’s no divider or whatsoever to differenciate the category of all. 10k simply run to the FM and vise versa. It’s too cramp up with people.

The event zone, no proper direction, i was lost after collecting my finisher medal and tshirt.

I am a bit dissapointed with this year event. It was clearly mismanaged, everyone complaining and it was chaotic. Don’t know whether i want to come again for next year event.

Oh well.


starting point

10368210_10152399705516965_681813445308362576_nFireworks before the flag off

10371918_10152399283641965_2466909611763032959_nThis is near to the 21km point.. at the mainland Batu Kawan toll

983831_10152399703836965_1675289177804231965_nRunning till the sunrise


the new bridge night view

10461728_10152399705211965_5148268043683146026_nRunning towards the smart tag lane. lol.

10410473_10152398915376965_6343848121513191080_nbefore the FM women flag off. The rest of my colleagues were in HM category

10696252_10152398915596965_7591409805396096731_n-1only 2 of us participated in the full marathon category this year

15495_10152399703296965_4554702391085868415_nYes, we completed the marathon !!


My ex-colleague came back to Penang, all the way from Singapore to run HM

149384_10152399679146965_5253669791362610783_n-1This is my first full marathon medal !! *feeling proud*

Ok, need to recover now and that’s it for year 2014 chapter. This is my last running event for this year. I’ll update you guys again for calendar year 2015. I would be slowing down in participating the running event, I would only join those that am fond of, or only few major event. I need to concentrate more on other things in life. I have completed my bucket list of running full marathon. and.. there’s a lot more of things in my bucket list that i have yet to accomplish.

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