I should be blogging about this earlier than my birthday post, but so selfish of me to delay it. it’s weird when I hear my mom say, “I love you, thank you so much.” It’s weird to read messages from my dad.. “Happy birthday, we love u. Take care.”

I come from a family that, protocol and etiquette is more important that affection. You can never hear me saying I love you, or I do care about you a lot. Even though deep down inside, that’s what am feeling. I am not passionate, I know that. I was raised like that.

So, when I hear those from my parents. I don’t know what to say back. Don’t know how to react. It was her birthday, 3 days before mine. Upon receiving her courier, she say those words to me, just now.

I bought her all the roses. I know she loves this.


I always love hallmark card, and so she is.

I love you too, Ibu.

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