always be my baby

There are some things that I don’t share over Facebook, or any other social media.. Not because am ashamed of it. But rather, I want the memory to be exclusively mine.

I don’t need social virtual community to approve, comment, or like it. I don’t need to feel so low esteem that I need their feedback and attention to approve what am feeling, experience through, or having it to make the experience is real.

It is real, and I am gratefully, thankful, and blessed to have someone in my life.

I am thankful to the point where I feel the warmth inside my heart when I think about it, when euphoria-feeling still lingering in the morning, when time spent is well worth, enough to make me to be thankful to God, rather than showing off to the social media.

I heart you to the point that I want you to be happy. Blackie is my new best friend. New charm.


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